Founded in 2012, ECOHARDWOOD is an official UK sales office of Lithuanian manufacturer ECOWOOD, delivering only the best quality products.

Originated in Lithuania and produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, our Symmetrical True Balanced 3-layer Oak Flooring (top and bottom oak layers) construction for maximum stability is the best engineered flooring structure in the market.

There are many ways how to make your space look more open, even when you have dark oak flooring. To name a few, choosing a light colour for the walls and adding a few pieces of furniture that are neutral and not too dark in colour will do the trick. This way you will create a cosy home which will serve a lifetime.

Whitewash oak flooring can subtly brighten up any interior, whether you’re making a home in a traditional Victorian house or modern Scandinavian apartment. Due to its durability Ecohardwood Ltd quality engineered hardwood flooring will be a nice design touch in all the areas of your home, including kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room and so on. Whitewash oak flooring will make a room feel brighter and bigger. It is also an ideal background for both dark or natural colour furniture and accessories.

Besides of a vast variety of colours, Ecohardwood Ltd engineered oak flooring selection includes dark shades, such as Aqua Ebony, Ebony, Deep Black, Aqua Antique, Antique and rich brown tones, such as Cognac, Walnut and Rosewood. Our aim is to offer the most suitable colour for every individual.

Our company also offers flooring in different thicknesses: 14.5mm and 20mm. The selection of different plank widths includes the following: 115mm, 140mm, 180mm and 230mm.

Although you can choose your hardwood flooring in sanded, brushed and cross-brushed finishes, dark oak floor looks best when it’s brushed. The finish gives the surface a nice texture and makes the richness of the colour beautifully pop.

If you have a large and open space blessed with natural light, parquet patterns such as chevron or herringbone would look particularly stylish not to mention it would add value to your property. We also offer various dimensions for the patterns.