Havelock International Ltd. has its roots in two heritage companies. In 1869 McIntosh was started by Alexander Henry McIntosh, making elaborate cabinetry by highly skilled craftsmen. Almost 100 years later in 1963, Havelock Textiles Ltd was created as a subsidiary of retail draper Ghinns Ltd and would later become shopfitter Havelock Europa Ltd. In 2001 these two heritage companies combined, creating Havelock Europa PLC. Today Havelock International Limited combines the innovative design and skill of McIntosh with the logistics and project management experience of our shop fitting and contracting teams to create a modern, and flexible business.

Effective Design Development for the Creation of Business Value

By integrating our clients’ objectives with our experience of creating value, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our services from the start of each partnership. Working with our clients and their architects, or design agency, we forge a transparent and accountable relationship that provides the best creative and commercial environment for success.

Havelock's accommodation project management team has delivered more than 13,000 rooms in the past two years in operational environments. Using their substantial experience, the team has ensured that Center Parcs benefit from innovation in product design, environmental performance and best practice project management.


Our clients’ vision starts to come to life in our factory. At 200,000 sq ft, Havelock’s factory is one of the largest in-house timber, metal and solid surfacing facilities in the UK. Stringent controls safeguard quality and product consistency and we use Kaizen to continuously improve.


Using 3D CAD, our technical engineers meticulously specify and clarify the smallest features, right down to the screw size. Their attention to detail generates pre-production drawings that accurately replicate our clients’ expectations. These drawings are then used to programme the machines in our factory, in essence bringing them to life.