Looking for new and innovative ways to promote your interior design business?

We provide a selection of 3D virtual tour services which are guaranteed to increase your sales and following on social media. One of our team, Graham Brown will be on-site with full online demonstrations, VR headsets and all the information you need to take your marketing to the next level.

The latest service addition: 3D Virtual Tours can be one of your most potent sales tools.

Here's some of the main features of the 3D tours:

360 3D property walkthroughs
Inside View

Navigate a virtual tour like Google Street View with the Inside View.

Simply click around with the mouse to walk through the property and drag around with the mouse in order to look around in a fully immersive 360 degree environment.

Points of interest are also highlighted at the bottom of the virtual tour as thumbnails. click on any of these in order to be teleported to the exact location and viewpoint.

As you navigate through the 3d virtual tour you will also see hot spots which you can click on for further information such as statistics, YouTube videos or external web links e.g. to your menu if you’re a restaurant.

Dollhouse View
Dollhouse View

Proprietary Dollhouse View shows the entire 3D model which makes up the virtual tour.

Matterport is true 3D space scanning technology, so the tour which you walk through in the inside view is actually a fully immersive 3D scan of the space in which you are exploring.

The dollhouse view allows you to see the entire 3D model, rotate it around using the mouse or finger gestures on mobile devices and then click back into the immersive inside view with a single click.

Floor Plan View
Floor Plan View

Your clients will understand the layout in a glance with the top-down Floor Plan View.

The floor plan view of a 3D Matterport virtual tour is a true top down view of the 3D model including textures with the ability of add and subtract floors to gain a better understanding of the space you are exploring.

You will never have experienced a floor plan like a Matterport floor plan before and it gives the user another great way to experience the space which no other system can provide.

Clicking anywhere on the floor plan view teleports the user instantly back into the inside view.